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Verbatim Wireless Desktop 8-Button,Deluxe Blue LED Mouse, 98622, Black

Verbatim Wireless Desktop 8-Button,Deluxe Blue LED Mouse, 98622, Black

Part #: 98622
Price: $36.00

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Wireless Desktop 8-Button Deluxe Mouse takes navigation and computing efficiency to a new level. Multi-button functionality lets you navigate within and between applications with ease. Use Blue LED technology to navigate on virtually any surface - from glass tabletop to granite countertop. The 2.4GHz wireless performance provides lag-free cursor movement. The mouse connects to the computer via a nano receiver that is small enough to plug in and leave connected - great for computing on-the-go. When not in use, the receiver stores conveniently inside the battery compartment. You can click on the standard left/right button scroll wheel to scroll within web browser or documents without moving mouse. DPI Button controls mouse sensitivity (800, 1200, 1600). Back/forward buttons lets you easily navigate between pages in your browser. Button functionality on the contoured mouse also includes zoom for enlarging fine print and the Windows 8 Home button to launch applications quickly and easily.

  • • Windows 8 Home button - Enhances Windows 8 experience - launch applications quickly and easily.
  • • DPI Button - Controls mouse sensitivity.
  • • Back/Forward buttons - Easily navigate between pages in your browser.
  • • Multi-surface Usability - Blue LED technology allows this mouse to be used on a glass* desk surface, granite counter tops, hardwood floors, airport carpeting or other surfaces.
  • • Zoom Feature - Easily enlarge fine print or view details within web browser and documents without moving your hand from the mouse.
  • • Wireless - 2.4GHz reliability and performance! Plug in the Nano receiver and forget about it! The small receiver plugs into your laptop's port and can stay; no need to plug and unplug bulky receiver or deal with cords.
  • • Ergonomic design – Contoured shape with easy-grip surface makes computing comfortable for hours
  • *Blue LED technology may not work on some glass or mirrored surfaces.


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